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About Black Diamond Pigments

Brought to you by Xtreme Polishing Systems Europe, an affiliate of Black Diamond Pigments, Black Diamond Pigments UK. We are one of the few distributors of the premium pigments available worldwide. We have a vast collection of colours which can be shipped out next day anywhere in mainland UK. 

This incredible pigments are used epoxy resin art, resin tables, mirrors, jewellery, epoxy resin floors and worktops.

To be the best, you have to buy the best. . . and you get that with Black Diamond Pigments.

Why use our pigments

The best in the business

Infuse your projects with unparalleled vibrancy offered exclusively by Black Diamond Pigments.

Unmatched durability

Experience the lasting legacy of colour with our pigments' unmatched durability and resistance to fading.

Highly Versatile

Black Diamond Pigments are the pinnacle of versatility, tailor-made for a vast spectrum of applications and artistic endeavours.


Black Diamond Pigments is a professional-grade mica pigment, which is the best in the industry. It’s commonly used for epoxy resin art, resin tables, mirrors, jeweller, epoxy resin floors and worktops.

We are UK stockists which means we can get you your Black Diamond Pigments very quickly. We also offer support if you have any questions. 

Absolutely! Our powder pigments can be seamlessly blended with standard paints, offering an enriched depth of colour and a touch of brilliance to your paint projects.

Black Diamond powder pigments provide a more concentrated colour saturation compared to liquid variants. Their powdered form ensures longer shelf life, versatility in applications, and a more consistent blending experience, especially in resin artworks and epoxy floors.

Yes, we pride ourselves on our range of metallic pigments. Black Diamond’s metallic shades are perfect for those seeking a reflective, shimmering finish, adding a luxe touch to any creation, from resin tables to intricate artworks.


client img

Amazing variety of colours which look simply stunning on my work. There really are no comparable pigments which is why I only use Black Diamond Pigments.


Resin Tables
client img

I started using Black Diamond Pigments after using another well-known brand. The difference in quality and the number of different colours is everything a jewellery maker could ask for.


Jewellery Maker
client img

I shifted to Black Diamond Pigments for my epoxy resin floors after trying a popular alternative. The superiority in consistency and the diverse colour palette make it a floor installer's dream come true.


Epoxy Resin Installer

Why buy from us

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