The Science Behind Pigments

An introduction

Creativity knows no bounds, and with Black Diamond Pigments, every idea gets the vibrancy it deserves. As creators ourselves, we understand the need for perfection, consistency, and reliability. Here’s your guide to crafting masterpieces with pigments that artists around the UK swear by.

Benefits of Using Pigments

Ease of Use

User-friendly for both beginners and experts.


Suitable for a plethora of projects, from jewellery to furniture.

Quality Finish Every Time

The final product boasts a polished, professional appearance.

Why Artists Choose Black Diamond Pigments


Never worry about inconsistencies in shades.

Pure Ingredients

We prioritise safety and purity in every pigment granule.

Expert Support

Our team offers guidance, ensuring you maximize our product's potential.


We recommend starting with a small amount and gradually adding until the desired colour is achieved.

While Black Diamond Pigments are non-toxic, it’s always a good idea to wear gloves and work in a well-ventilated area.

Absolutely! Blending our pigments can create unique and mesmerising effects.

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